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  1. Aunt Patty says:

    Have fun in Canada!!! Enjoy the Canadian view. (that is from Samantha):) she is correct. British Columbia is beautiful!! I can’t wait to see your pics of the west side of Vancouver Island.

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Enjoy your Epic Adventure!!! Looking forward to following your travels. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it up to Detroit Lake to see you off. I’ll look forward to the next opportunity to see you. Safe Travels!

  3. Dan Conroy says:

    This is so freakin’ awesome – I want to hear all about this when you stop having so much fun – very inspiring!!

  4. paula vlamings says:

    Hello you two! I hope we can connect when you are back in the Bay Area. We are now also going to Burning Man…what better way to start our adventure, right? Our blog should be up in a week or two.
    Safe travel, Paula and John

    • Jenine says:

      Wow that’s great Paula! What a kickoff. We’ll be camped at 7:30 and Esplanade with the Dustfish camp. Definitely stop by! Oh and I still have the week of the 9th on the calendar for getting together if one of those days work for you guys.
      Safe travels!

  5. Patrick Meyer says:

    so awesome you guys charged the sieven sisters. You have the vehicle for it. I again, am so jealous

  6. Patrick Meyer says:

    Dont leave before the whales come and dont forget to use your wavelog

  7. Hi you two, I see you made it to Scorpion Bay.
    We spent a week in Agua Verde, went to the hots springs there, a blast.
    Hope to see you again soon.

  8. So jealous. Enjoy every moment and even the frustrating parts will wonderful memories

  9. Clarkson Meredith says:

    George, just stumbled onto your blog site. Wow, great stuff! Makes me jealous seeing you surfing as the conditions look far better than the conditions I had surfing at Va Beach as a young lad. My Lord how you look like your grandfather. You were a favorite of his. Those were special summers spent at the beach for him and Nanny. Drive on and I look forward to following you and Jenine in Chile. God Bless!

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