We Just Couldn’t Leave Chile for Long

Hello again! It’s been awhile since we blogged, but we are still here, having fun and bouncing around:) We’ve been back in the USA since the end of May and the past 4 months have been a whirlwind of fun catching up with friends and family and planning to make a new home in…….Chile!

In fact, at 5:30pm today we boarded a flight from Chicago to Santiago with nearly all of our possessions. We are going to be living in the beautiful beach town of Matanzas. Matanzas is home to world class kitesurfing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, mountain biking and great farming communities. The location isn’t very well known yet, but the word is quickly spreading. Every year more people fall in love with the place, and it draws a crowd in the summer months of January/February, but to us it still feels very intimate.

Now for the most common and most difficult question: “What are you going to do there?”

We haven’t got too much figured out yet. We spent about 6 weeks there toward the end of our Pan American travels, and we just fell in love with the place and the great people there. We’ve already made some good friends and they’ve really been helpful as we’ve started to plan what our lives will look like there. We have a tiny 4×4 jeep, which is good because Titus has a new owner and is living in Utah.

While Chile isn’t exactly considered a cheap country to live, the quality of life for the price is incredible. Our plan is to look for land and hopefully build a lovely house with a little farm for food. Real estate around Matanzas has been appreciating very rapidly, but with patience, I think we will be able to find something great at a good price.

The Chilean government has granted us visas (very similar to Green Cards in the USA) that will make living and working here easier and can provide a path to citizenship in 5 years if we stay long term. There is a little yoga community and very good kitesurfing and surfing, that will keep us recreationally very happy. Our plan is to focus on getting settled in and network with everyone we can and see what opportunities we can create for ourselves.

We are going to keep this blog going, so we will update you as we figure it out 🙂 Stay tuned…….

A huge thanks to all of our family and friends that made this past summer in the states so amazing. It was so fun, and it deserves it’s own blog post next time.

We leave you with a little tour through our new home…..

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As Rich Roll says – “Peace & Plants”


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10 comments on “We Just Couldn’t Leave Chile for Long
  1. Sylvia Loran says:

    I figured after your wonderful travels that ” cubicle life” wouldn’t be in your future. Good luck in your new endeavors. I think you should write a book about your Pan America travels.

  2. Congratulations! We cannot wait to get there to visit you two. Such an incredible journey and a fantastic new chapter. Keep us updated on the transition!

  3. Well that is interesting news! And exciting, we will have to stop by next year and check to see what grows on the farm. Good luck.

  4. Jared Zlotnick says:

    congrats! can’t wait to visit 🙂

  5. Jane Meredith says:

    We’re ready to visit!

  6. Rhonda says:

    How exciting! Since we never got to meet you in our co-home state of Oregon, it will be great to check out your new little piece of paradise and meet up in South America! Good luck.

  7. Luke Arneson says:

    Congrats you two! Best of luck on your new adventure.

  8. Dan says:

    Great news I have been following your blog for some time. My friends at OurBiggerPicture turned me on to your travels, my wife and I are preparing for our own little journey and would be very interested in the discussing your latest place of residence. Thanks in advance

  9. Karen says:

    Congratulations on completing the Pan-American journey and for starting a whole new way of life. How very exciting! You never know how things are going to turn out. I’m glad to hear that you will continue blogging about your new adventure. Matanzas looks lke a beautiful place. Take care. Karen

  10. Emma says:

    Congratulations you guys, hope you find everything you are looking for in Chile. We’ll see you soon! Put the kettle on!