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After settling into married life (and our thirties), George and I thought we would shake things up and pursue a life-long dream to simplify and explore the Americas before we start a family.

  • We’ve quit our jobs….
  • We’ve sold everything we own (or more accurately you can find our stuff at the Goodwill)……..
  • We got a new home, a fancy camper van from Sportsmobile West

On July 24, 2014 the journey begins:   From San Francisco, California – our home for the past 10 years – to Alaska to Argentina.

Countries we plan on visiting: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina…and Antarctica (if lucky!)

What we are driving:  A 2014 Sportsmobile

Recent update – July 2017: By May 2016 we had made it to all the countries we planned on visiting, and decided we liked Chile so much that we would stay! We are now living in Chile with two of the newest members of Traveling the Americas – our daughter Rena and our dog Brisa.

A little about us:

Headshot-JenineJenine – Growing up in Oregon (go Beavers!) and parts of suburban California, I made the awesome decision to move to San Francisco for my first job out of college. I have thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed city life, but sprinkled in the mix of working hard over the last 10 years to achieve career goals, I’ve been continually drawn to travel and exploring new cultures. Lucky for me I met my wonderful, adventurous, partner in life, George, who has similar interests. Some of my new goals for this adventure include expanding cultural horizons, becoming fluent in Spanish, learning to paddle board (what’s-SUP?!), rediscovering the fisher-woman in me, and expanding my yoga practice while experiencing the many beautiful scenic landscapes that the Americas have to offer.

GeorgeFishingProfileGeorge:   On this trip, I plan on fly fishing, kite surfing, catching barrels and learning spanish.  Sounds wonderful:)

And I am so excited to spend this time with my wonderful wife Jenine, she is the best partner anyone could want for this journey!

It is super sad to be saying good bye to my amazing friends and my awesome co-workers and career in the wonderful city of San Francisco.  I’ll be back, come visit in the meantime!

And, mom, we’ll be extra careful on the road and keep you updated all the time!

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