Wrapping up 2018 in Chile


Well we are well into 2019, but I am finally getting around to recapping 2018 and the final months of the year. It was full of visits from family and friends and finishing up building of the house we started in March of 2018 (good news is it already sold!).

First off, I want to say we finally finished the pizza oven. Only took us like 4 months 🙂

We finished the house we were building with Martin and Joy and most importantly, we sold it!!

Video Tour…

Besides racing to finish the house, it was also a whirlwind of fun to finish the year, here are more of the highlights!

The town expo was a blast as usual…

The kids danced for Halloween at the local yoga studio…

Our favorite restaurant Surazo celebrated their 10th year anniversary with an amazing party!

I learned how to kill and prepare birds for eating…. at the local farm I prepared a turkey, duck and 3 chickens… It was an experience I’m not begging to repeat.

Our friends Lucas and Aline built an amazing quincho in their house overlooking the sea. We had some epic BBQ parties (Asados in chilean).

Jenine and Rena also left me to go back to the USA for 10 days over Thanksgiving. I stayed back to finish building the house

We also celebrated Christmas Chilean style which is to do presents on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is called Viejito Pascuero and after eating dinner on Christmas Eve all the kids go outside and search for Viejito Pascuero and when they come back inside, magically he has left presents under the tree to open!

Calling out for Viejito Passsscueeeeero!

My parents also made their now annual Christmas/NYE trip to Chile (3 year now!).

Finally to finish the year, we had friends visit us! Joey his new fiancee Anna and Luke and Kara. They are some of our favorite people and we were so thrilled they choose to visit us. We had an amazing time together.

I must admit 2018 was an incredible year of fun and growth for our family. We accomplished a goal of building and selling a house, we got to spend amazing time with Rena during this wonderful stage of walking and talking, we had so much fun with friends, and we spent almost 2 months visiting family (between going to the US and family coming to visit). And lets not forget the local horses and rabbits that Rena loves…

There was surfing, lots and lots of surfing…

and some beach time…

and some yoga…

Oh and we can now legally drive in Chile after passing a basic education test and a two part driving test all in Spanish. It was quite the ordeal and very challenging…

Let go 2019!!

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  1. Jane says:

    All so wonderful!